In today’s world, balancing work, family and community commitments is hard work. Now imagine if you were involved in an auto accident and your life was disrupted. That is where Synergy Health Partners makes a difference towards your client’s recovery. Our multi-disciplinary team and other local medical providers in and around the Denver area are on your side. At Synergy Health Partners, we offer a full suite of complementary healing therapies to truly help our patients heal from the inside out.

Massage Therapy

Gentle and soothing massage helps you heal after a sports injury, car accident, or other physical trauma. Let us soothe away your body’s aches and pains so you can heal from the inside out.

Multidisciplinary Practice in Aurora, CO
Multidisciplinary Practice in Aurora, CO


Chiropractic treatments work for back pain, neck pain, migraines and headaches, repetitive stress injuries, muscle aches and pains, car accident injuries, work injuries, and much more. We can provide gentle chiropractic adjustments to soothe inflammation and end chronic and acute pain.

Have you been in an auto accident recently? As your Aurora and Thornton, CO auto accident chiropractors, ChiroCare, a division of Synergy Health Partners in Aurora, CO works to restore your health and physical condition!

Physical Therapy

If you have been injured in a car accident or experience limited range of motion as a result of an auto accident, we can soothe your pain and stretch and strengthen the affected area. Regain the full use of your body and live an active life with physical therapy services.

Multidisciplinary Practice in Aurora, CO
Multidisciplinary Practice in Aurora, CO

Counselling / Psychology

Take care of your mental health, not just your physical health. Our counseling and psychology services allow you to process problems, uncover solutions, and grow as an individual.

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