Massage Therapy in Thornton for Auto Accident Injuries

Taking measures to heal an auto accident injury starts with identifying your needs and situation. When you seek treatment after an accident in Thornton, Denver or Aurora, you want to focus on your goals and the underlying injuries leading to your pain. Massage therapy at Synergy Health Partners allows you to address your concerns and start the healing process.

Massage Therapy in Thornton

Massage therapy refers to the use of massage to help with injuries, pain and general recover after an accident. At our three clinics, we provide the tools to address injuries through natural treatment solutions.

Generally, the treatment allows us to manipulate the soft tissues of your body to encourage the healing processes. We focus on rehabilitative massage strategies to help your body after an injury to the muscles causes pain and discomfort.

When to Consider Massage for an Auto Accident Injury

The type of auto accident injury you face impacts the appropriate treatment solutions. At our clinics, we offer different tools based on the severity of your injury. The injuries that may benefit from deep tissue massage or similar treatment solutions include:

• Muscles strains or sprains
• Whiplash
• Injuries to different ligaments in your neck or back
• Physical pain stemming from injuries to your muscles or the soft tissues of your body
• Tension caused by other injuries

Massage focuses on the soft tissues of your body rather than the bones. At our clinics in Thornton, Denver and Aurora, we use diagnostic tools to identify the underlying injuries and develop an effective treatment solution. We may recommend a variety of treatments, including massage therapy, as part of your rehabilitative strategy. We focus on addressing the injuries through effective and natural treatments when your body may benefit from the treatment as part of your recovery process.

Seeking Treatment With Our Thornton Chiropractor

Seeking treatment at our clinic depends on your needs and situation. Generally, we recommend visiting one of our three locations immediately after an auto accident to reduce the risk of complications and identify the underlying injuries. Certain injuries, like whiplash, may not cause pain until 24 to 48 hours, so we recommend early treatment to evaluate the risk of injuries.

You may also want to consider the treatment if you notice lingering pain after an accident or you develop chronic pain without any obvious cause within a few weeks or months after an auto accident. Some injuries may worsen without proper treatment or effective treatment strategies, so you want to focus on addressing your concerns with the right tools before the injuries worsen.

Treating an injury from an auto accident requires the right tools and solutions. In some cases, you may benefit from massage therapy to help reduce your pain and address injuries to the muscles or soft tissues of your body. If you have any questions about our services, please contact us today at (303) 343-1357.