Physical Therapy Can Help You Heal from Your Auto Accident Injuries

Auto accident injuries are serious business because of the sheer range of damage they can cause to the human body — from spinal misalignments and pinched nerves to strained muscles and connective tissues. That’s one reason it makes so much sense to rely on Synergy Health Partners for your auto accident injury treatment. Our multiple specialists and techniques make us “one-stop shop” that can handle all aspects of your care — physical therapy being one of the most important.

To understand how physical therapy complements chiropractic adjustment and other natural healing methods, it’s important to understand the many ways an auto accident injury can hurt you. In a case of whiplash, for instance, you may suffer from cervical vertebral and disc misalignments, creating pinched nerves nerves, neuropathy, pain and tingling. At the same time, the tissues in the neck may be torn or stretched, producing pain, swelling and stiffness. This one-two punch of musculoskeletal dislocation and soft tissue damage requires multiple healing modalities.

How Our Aurora and Thornton Chiropractors Can Help

Our skilled Aurora and Thornton chiropractors may prescribe physical therapy to help your body’s soft tissues repair themselves from an auto accident injury safely and effectively, even as chiropractic adjustments are restoring normal spinal alignment and nerve function. Our chiropractors may recommend such therapies as:

  • Massage therapy – Massage therapy can be extremely helpful for rehabilitating injured soft tissues following an auto accident injury. This form of therapy boosts circulation, reducing pain, muscle spasms and swelling.
  • Corrective exercises – Adding movement to your physical therapy routine helps the muscles heal normally without undue internal scarring or other complications. Gentle stretches and other corrective exercises can help you work your way back toward full range of motion.
  • Low-level laser therapy – Low-level laser therapy harnesses the healing power of amplified light to enhance cellular repair processes for speedier soft tissue healing. It also boosts blood flow to the injured tissues and relieves pain without drugs.
  • Cryotherapy – Cryotherapy is the targeted use of cold to reduce pain, swelling and inflammation. It is frequently prescribed for the early, acute stages of an injury. In some cases your chiropractor may recommend alternating cryotherapy with moist heat.

Auto Accident Physical Therapy for Thornton and Aurora

The longer you delay in seeking treatment for an auto accident injury, the lengthier and more difficult the recovery process may be. Fortunately, Synergy Health Partners maintains convenient clinic locations in Thornton and Aurora to help area residents get they help they need, from chiropractic care to post-accident physical therapy, as quickly and easily as possible. Let us put our natural healing techniques to work for your benefit. If you have any questions about our services, please contact us today at (303) 343-1357.